Appointment booking

At BACS, a dedicated team of telephone professionals is assigned to every client. In cyclical lead generation/rejuvenation projects where calling is done periodically (usually quarterly), the same telephone professional makes repeated contacts with the prospect. Thus the prospect is not confused with an impersonal communication and an identity is created between the professional and prospect making recollection of client name and credentials very prompt and spontaneous.

When making our contacts, of the number of people who wish to contact or who wish to be contacted by the community, we identify who are interested in visiting and touring the campus, who are interested in attending an on-going marketing event in the community (typically a luncheon/seminar), who are interested in receiving more information, etc.

There is always some segment of the market that is unsure about its decision vis-à-vis moving to a retirement community. A direct contact with such prospects helps to allay their doubts and accelerates their decision process, culminating in most cases, in a tour or attendance of an event.