About us

Very few businesses can claim to be born of true necessity. Brooks Adams Customer Service (BACS) is proud to belong to this class of the privileged few.

Our company’s inception is as interesting as the business need that led to its development. Founded in 2003, BACS gains a strong foundation from its parent company – Brooks Adams Research.

As we worked closely with clients in helping them solve their marketing and market research problems, we discovered that our clients were facing the need to better handle their databases and manage their leads with a systems approach. The sales team’s time was spread thin between making thousands of sales calls, updating the status of these calls in a retrievable format and contacting “hot” prospects and pitching a sale. As one sales counselor lamented to us, “I wish there were more of me!”

From this need of having more of you and of being able to do more, was born a new business called Customer Service pioneered by BACS. Customer Service as we refer to it, is not just any telemarketing or call center. We at BACS have a created a niche in the service we provide simply because we exist as an answer to your need.

To find more about what makes our business and our company different, we urge you to read the services we provide in detail. And if you are not comfortable with that and would like to speak to a human, please feel free to contact us through any means provided under the “Contact Us” section of this website. We are here for you!